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Letter to investor

Hello Dear (esteemed) investor.

To my regret, I don’t know who you are yet. I really hope that we will definitely get to know you. Please spend a few minutes of your precious time reading this letter. Who knows how our acquaintance will end.

I would like to present my project. The essence of the project lies in the design and construction of a mobile Data Center. The entire data center is located in a special container that can be transported anywhere in the world. Its parameters will correspond to 20 and 40 foot sea containers.

The start date of the project is 01.03.2021. Site address on the Internet VadimRastorguev.ee This site is presented by FIE Vadim Rastorguev link to resume.

The essence of the idea is that two standard projects are being developed for a mobile Data Processing Center, the parameters of which will correspond to 20 and 40 foot sea containers. It can be easily moved anywhere in the world. Moreover, if desired, during the period of movement, it will still be in working order.

Much has been written about the design and construction of data centers. There are many useful and growing resources. There are new solutions and promising technologies. But, as stated on the home page of this site, here I will try to summarize my own experience and show what awaits a person who decides to build a classic small data center.

(Everything written below can be considered an extract from the hypothetical book «How to Build a Data Center» for Dummies «As it turned out, few IT specialists imagine what a normal, carefully and lovingly equipped data center is like to build it, and what concerns arise after its creation.)

The advantage of using it is its mobility. The production of data from mobile data centers is dictated by the spirit of the times and will only grow every year.

The market is not very developed yet, but it is a matter of time. The benefits of the project can be estimated in a relatively short period of time. Its plus is that it can be located anywhere in the world. The customer will receive a working device, subject to the availability of network solutions. But their absence does not put an end to the mobility of their application.

The project is currently in the system design stage. The investment required at the moment is the cost of designing this product and is roughly estimated at around 25,000 euros.

I express my sincere gratitude for reading this letter to the end.

Best regards, Vadim Rastorguev

+15852135929; info@vadimrastorguev.ee;

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