How I became e-resident Estonia

What prompted registration as e-resident Estonia

Which prompted registration as e-resident Estonia. Read a lot about Estonia's electronic government and electronic signature, company creation remotely, and the advantage of e-business management. Current realities dictate stringent business requirements. The reference point of doing business in current realities is the presence of a tool with which it is advisable to manage a business. Online business is no exception. It is important to manage business processes promptly, purposefully and a minimum period of time.

Creative explanation

Let's try to figure out who is e-resident and what advantage gives registration as e-resident. Registration as an e-resident is with the akin to obtaining a digital ID card. But not just ID. This is a mechanism by which they do business. The main thing is the lack of dependence of the location of the business itself and the entrepreneur who manages this business Get a business management tool sitting on the couch. It's time to start enjoying the privileges of digital technology. Evaluate the quality of technology. So a digital card is essentially an identity card in the digital world.

More specifics

The presence of positive moments imposes some restrictions that I want to explain. Let's try to figure out who the e-resident is. E-resident does not grant the right to citizenship or the right of entry into the territory of Estonia and the European Union. To make it clear this is not a visa and not a residence permit. The most important advantage of digital identity identification in an endless digital world is remote registration and login without using a login and password. The use of Digi-ID digital identity card consists in digitally signing emails and transmitting files over the Internet in encrypted form.

Visually on the examples

In order to clearly make clear the advantages of a digital signature, let's try to consider the example of signing a letter with a signature pen and the same process, but signed by a digital signature. First, print out the letter. If the printer is in range. For this, it is important to have paper and a seasoned cartridge. Not to mention that you need to connect to the printer. Then sign a letter and scan well or at least take a picture on the phone and only after that poison. But will this letter have legal force. The question remains open.

Main accents

Benjamin Franklin's book “Time is Money”. Let's proceed from the truth, time is money. Digi-id saves time. And time is not the only factor. Estonia is the first country in the world with global digitalization of public services and not only public services. With the help of e-resident Digi-ID (Digital Identity Card), authorization takes place on Estonian state websites. And what is important you can not only pass authorization and take legal actions to register the company, take actions to open a bank account and manage a newly created company outside dependency on location. And the location does not play value, including on the beach of the sunny island of Bali. In the presence of a laptop or tablet with the presence of the Internet.

The sequence

The first step towards e-resident Estonia is getting Digi-ID while it is only the first step in the world of digital technologies in Estonia. The second step for ease of use and mobility is the Smart-ID program with which authorization occurs in the same way as with Card-ID. The difference is only that authorization occurs using Smart-ID. Installing the application on the smartphone registration takes place in one click by entering the pin code. And the last third step is getting a SIM card with Mobil-ID which gives full discretion such as the safe management of bank accounts and the use of other digital services. Using only a mobile phone.

Time and resources

Meanwhile, while reading this article in the digital space became one e-resident Estonia more. Action is the main thing in achieving the goal. It is better to regret what he has done than to regret what you did not do. If you take into account that outside the window 21st century. The age of digital technology. Digi-ID severely reduces the time costs of registering and managing a company.

To summarize

In the light of recent events with coronavirus infection (COVID-19), when the movement between countries is paralyzed, so that there between countries within the country and that movement is difficult. It was decided to obtain a Digi-id e-resident Estonia. Said done. After registering and waiting for a couple of weeks received Digital Identity Card. Ask questions about registering and obtaining Digi-ID. I will be happy to share the experience.

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